Template Development

Tell us about you

We want to know about your practice and the information-flow in your office. We’ll organize your templates in a sequence that makes sense for your environment, and can be easily adapted to your daily routine. Gibraltar Technologies offers a FREE CONSULTATION for template design and development.

We spend time with physicians to understand their vision for EMR and their priorities in recording patient data. Building this foundation in the beginning saves time during the project because we know what’s important to you and design your templates accordingly. We also dedicate time to the office staff to understand their daily process and how they record and receive information. Their feedback & engagement is key to the success of your implementation.

Bring us your chart forms

Transitioning from paper charts to electronic records can be challenging. To ease your transition, we focus on understanding the flow of a patient visit and where information is recorded. We’ll use the forms you hand write each day to create an interactive record. These templates will maintain the important elements in your existing forms but allow the data to be used in reporting for billing, research, Meaningful Use or where ever you need it! Your templates will have a familiar look but a whole new functionality.

Make it easy for everyone

We can help you create searchable, reportable data in your EMR by building pick lists that streamline the data going into your charts but still allow for free-form text when you need it.

We’ll work with you to customize existing pick lists or create new ones. We design these specifically to your practice and the work that you do. Utilizing custom pick lists ensures consistency up front and better reporting later. We’ll also utilize system templates to simplify pick list maintenance and transition your pick lists during upgrades with no hassle. Contact us today for your FREE CONSULTATION

Let the EHR do the work

We create custom triggers for your data fields. When you enter information, the triggers automate your data!

  • Don’t type it twice! Triggers can be customized to populate your data in other templates or fields after you entered it once. We spend time with you to understand where your data needs to go and then we get it there.
  • No more post-its… send a task! We design triggers that can send a task to anyone using your EMR… order tests, send notes to billing, or get the next appointment scheduled all in one system with one click!
  • History at a glance- we can create summary grids to show entries over time, such as vital signs, weight changes, or any measurement that you track for each patient visit. Summary grids can be used for an at-a-glance review without needing pages of information.
  • Simply your letters- we can customize your EHR with the form letters you need. Enter the patient information once, and sending a letter is just a click away!

We’re right there with you

Template design is often a visual process for our clients, so we schedule time regularly to show you our progress and get your input. After the templates are created, we also provide on-site services to ensure the templates work for all levels of your organization and most importantly during patient exams.

We build relationships based on trust and the expectation that you deserve Peace of Mind.

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