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You Need A Consultant

There are many factors that contribute to a successful EHR deployment. Expert EMR provides experience, IT savvy and project management to guide you through the big decisions that determine your EHR success. Compare now – go to Top Reasons for …

We spend time with our clients up front to understand their practice and expectations. We want to hear your big questions and help you find the EHR software that is the right fit. Expert EMR is not affiliated with a designated EHR vendor. We recommend software based on:

  • Their certifications
  • Our experience
  • Your needs

Expert EMR offers an initial FREE CONSULTATION to help guide you to the right choice for your software needs.

Start With The Right Foundation

Our expertise is IT – our team will start your project with a network evaluation to ensure a solid IT infrastructure for long-term growth. We work with you to understand your technology goals and current points of pain. Do you have questions about hosting and cloud services? We can offer in-house solutions for hosting and data backup to give you peace of mind. Our attention to detail builds a strong foundation for you to take the next step into EHR technology, without taking a step back. Expert EMR offers free IT consultation.

It’s About Project Management

We offer project management services to guide your team through a successful EHR deployment. We provide onsite support that makes sense for your schedule; our strength is communication, flexibility and building partnerships. We work with all levels of your organization to understand their needs, remove obstacles and achieve the goal of EHR implementation.

We also work seamlessly with our Gibraltar Networking division to ensure hardware is installed, deadlines are met and your project is an all-around success. Some EHRs need full-scale template customization and others need minimal end-user changes. Whether you need help designing templates or just setting user preferences, rely on us! We provide the total package of support that you need to go-live with your EHR!

Troubled Deployment? We Can Help!

We will work with you to understand your existing issues and help you to keep moving forward. Expert EMR offers an initial FREE CONSULTATION that will help you get back on track.

Trouble with Meaningful Use? Our team has built a library of must-read resources for Meaningful Use and government incentives- it’s everything you need to know… in one place! Are you a visual learner? Check out our Meaningful Use timeline and countdown… and watch for updates!

Top Reasons for a…

Failed EHR deployment

Successful EHR deployment

  1. Picking the wrong EHR solution

    • Product is not a good fit for the practice or workflow
    • Product isn’t specific to the practice specialty
    • Product requires customization that can’t be handled internally
  1. Selection of the right EHR product

    • Do a thorough needs- analysis for the practice
    • Document goals and priorities for software
    • Get input from the stakeholders at all levels of the organization
    • Contact us for your FREE CONSULTATION
  1. Vendor failure

    • Lack of follow-up or support
    • Inability to provide customization needed
    • Failed hand-off to client
  2. Lack of training

    • Staff spends too much time self-teaching
    • Staff wasn’t available during allotted training schedule
    • Frustration with unresolved obstacles and poor communication
  1. Execution of a well-planned EMR deployment

    • Practice leadership drives culture change; this is the key to success
    • Create a detailed project plan/timeline
    • Engage a professional EMR project manager
    • Plan for training support; determine internal point person for future
    • Create reporting and hold physician team accountable for EMR usage
    • Contact us for your FREE CONSULTATION
  1. Infrastructure Issues

    • Network inadequately supports EMR software
    • Slow System response
    • Challenges with wireless technology
    • IT Support isn’t available or fast enough
  1. Network evaluation

    • Engage a professional to evaluate the current network
    • Discuss plans for future to ensure hardware purchases are aligned
    • Discuss hosted options
    • Shop for an IT provider that will fit your support needs
    • Contact us for your FREE CONSULTATION
  1. Same old issues

    • Same problems exist because workflow process have not be evaluated
    • Staff lacks confidence in EMR but the issues are not related to new technology
    • Frustration with unresolved obstacles and poor communication
  1. Updating office processes

    • Do a thorough Needs Analysis of practice workflow and EMR interaction
    • Create a process to report and track technical/ EMR issues
    • Re-evaluate internal resources and roles with introduction of EMR
    • Contact us for your FREE CONSULTATION

Need Updates/Patches? We Can Help There Too!

Updates and patches getting behind, or worse, slowing you down? Expert EMR has the know-how and experience to get your EMR install running the way it should so you can too. FREE CONSULTATION

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